We design programs for transformational leaders who share the intention to contribute to a totally positive future. We curate a safe space where co-creation may lead to “the new” that needs to emerge. We provide insight on how to connect our walk with our talk, allowing our body, our soul and our mind to become part of the same individual.

Humbly, we recognise that sometimes it is beauty and magic, which best enable to connect with purpose and with the system we inhabit.

In its complexity, our system, is pregnant with positive possibilities.


The Creative Leadership Program is a highly curated breeding ground for learning and transformation, weaving together personal, professional and planet consciousness, to allow the new to emerge in the context of real, pressing and inspiring societal challenges.

It is an immersive program, where creative leaders from very diverse backgrounds come together during 12 days (three four day each on-campus modules).


Together with very inspiring people REBUNDANCE created the cooperative Chamar o Futuro to work with local communities in priority intervention areas. We are aware that the future needs to be built together with everyone, so we decided to embrace the social sector, that by definition carries immense positive intervention possibilities.

In 2020 we successfully submitted two grant applications which we are now rolling out until the end of 2023. Our aim is to contribute to community resilience around territory we selected: the fringes of Monsanto mountain, Lisbon’s green lung – a forest that holds huge regenerative potential. The neighbourhoods in focus are: Bela Flor, Liberdade, Serafina, Quinta do Tarújo, 2 de Maio, Casalinho da Ajuda and Sete Moinhos. Our objective in these projects is to contribute to community resilience by firstly facilitating processes that unravel renewable and endogenous abundance and then bringing capacitation in areas that emerge as essential. The Boroughs addressed are Campolide, Ajuda and Campo de Ourique.


The Circles “Futuro em Monsanto” address the topic “food life cycle” and, very early on in these there was an outcry for know-how in how food might contribute to people’s health and well-being. Having had the privilege to develop the Food Manifesto, we decided to embrace this next challenge and created the Food Evolution program. It aims to contribute to individual and community resilience, while creating synergies and benefits for planet regeneration. The Food Evolution program combines capacitation in co-leadership with capacitation in regenerative farming and holistic and regenerative food preparation.
For 20 participants in the regenerative food preparation dimension and another 20 in the regenerative farming dimension, the program will run between November 2021 and June 2022. It will take place in 10 modules of a day and a half each, on campus, immersive, collaborative and practical modules.

Program partners are:

  • Turismo de Portugal with Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Lisboa
  • Centro de Agroecologia de Mértola | Horta da Malhadinha | Terra Sintrópica
  • Junta de Freguesia de Campolide
  • Escola Profissional ALSUD
  • Rede DLBC
  • Zero Waste Lab
  • Locals Approach Nuno Queiróz Ribeiro, Joaquim Espada, among other transformational leaders

It is co-financed by PORTUGAL 2020 program.


CIRCLES are broad stakeholder meetings happening at regular intervals and addressing a specific challenge. Aiming for immediate action, we facilitate dialogue between multiple perspectives, in order to reach consensual positions. We have currently two active circles: while the first CIRCLE “Manifesto for Food Evolution” addresses the future of food, taking health and planet to heart, the second CIRCLE “Water Square” takes on the future of the Tagus river estuary to become Lisbon’s main public square, connecting all sores.


ORGRAMS are immersive and collaborative programs that synergise the system in the context of a specific totally positive future challenge.

The specific way these Orgrams come to life are designed with input of the partners. We have been working with the tourism sector in various formats, to address the change in the way we travel to explore the wonders of planet and cultures and the way we spend our time. The sector seeks to unveil future services, which need to be in place to promote broad societal resilience.


CRAFTS are tools designed by REBUNDANCE, that serve our open community of transformational leaders. The first CRAFTS tool is the deck of “REBUNDANCE Value Cards”. These are meant to be a trigger to motivate meaningful conversations between sector Stakeholders and to build trust and promote collaboration towards a completely positive future.


MOSAIC salon is an open, regular and informal gathering and celebration space for transformation where restless seekers, creative leaders, beautiful rebels, wise healers, system magicians and resource hackers come together to humbly address core topics and build a “totally good future” for all. It is also the glue that holds together the beautiful REBUNDANCE community.


DIVES are the different parts of Embracing Abundance series, including the Journeys we take into ourselves, the Reality Dives we take into neighbourhoods to meet local realities from a local lens, and the Life Dives we take to explore our connection to nature.