The Rebundance Leadership program is a 12 day journey spread over four months in magic locations in Lisbon, Sintra, Mértola and Alcochete, offering a space to explore emerging dreams, to revisit our purpose, to commit to regeneration, to experience collective leadership and to celebrate and share our wisdom in a wider community.

Who is the Rebundance Leadership Program for?
The Rebundance leadership program welcomes us to define or tune our personal and professional contribution to a Totally Good Future for Everyone to make our impact count.

In a system where we are continuously practicing our compromise muscle, giving up on our aspirations, often in detriment of the planet and humanity, we are not accessing our full potential. This program encourages us to lead collaboratively, unravel endogenous abundance everywhere and commit to the path that is meaningful and collective. 

Having facilitated numerous Backcasting sessions, with very diverse participants, we have concluded that, like beauty, the meaning of a Totally Good Future for Everyone is “in the eye of the beholder” and therefore unique to each of us and part of all of us, inviting our natural interdependence. 

Rebundance curates an inspiring space for each of us to connect to our sense of belonging, trust and responsibility on this journey. The Rebundance Leadership Program moves and changes with participants’ needs and challenges, co-creating a journey that becomes more alive and relevant for each person at the time the program is rolled out.

Each edition of the program has its own feel and flow, its own personality and connection.

The following transversal qualities are characteristic in our programs:

  • A safe space to be, to transform, and to take care of who we are
  • Different shapes of leadership are explored and embodied
  • Responsibility is embraced, as every act counts (regenerating by doing)
  • We address collective challenges and build on consensus
  • The process is collaborative, inviting interdependence
  • We accept and face the dissonant parts of our journey
  • We work at our pace to find our flow
  • We seek common ground for deeper commitment
  • Emerging possibilities are welcomed and cultivated
  • We recognise the value we bring to the collective
  • We create space for the collective to emerge
  • The distinction between facilitators and participants is soft
  • We learn through reflection and celebration 
  • The uncomfortable moments are held by the comfort we all create together


The Rebundance Leadership program is spread over 4 months, taking place in 4 modules of 3 days each (Thursday to Saturday).

The Wisdom of the Regenerative Forest serves us as a metaphor for concentration and distribution of societal flows in regeneration. The structure of the program builds on the flows below and each module activates curiosity, compassion, courage and celebration.


In the Foliage, we dream: Activating awareness from purpose to unravel system needs and abundances we learn to sense what is emerging so that all that is alive can be included


In the soil, we plan: Learning to discern the essence of what unites us, we unlock our passion to commit to the tree that will blossom from the soil we prepare


In the tree trunk, we do: Building consensus for action to engage with the planet we learn to gather resources, only to distribute them to the foliage, to tune and to reframe


In the forest, we celebrate: Seeing the system as a whole we celebrate in wisdom to promote system synergy, flow and regeneration

We are very fortunate and grateful to have on our facilitation team inspiring people, some of whom we got to know as participants in our programs. We are also including new members who complement our facilitation team, bringing enriching perspectives and challenges for the classes.


Intending to boldly contribute to a world where, by default, everyone lives a life with dignity, including future generations, our belief is that continuous regeneration will start to take place the moment all our activities and mindset commit to it fully and implicitly. 

During the program, we invite participants to allow their curiosity to guide them and build new perspectives to view the wider system, to follow their compassion to connect with intention with past, present and future, and to activate their courage to act from a place of purpose, belonging, interdependence and collective consensus. 

From the uniqueness of every living being, we unravel common ground and an abundant space for possibilities to unfold. 

The Rebundance Leadership program takes the place of our Creative Leadership Program and builds on the 9 years’ experience of rolling out Leadership programs.

It commits uncompromisingly to the aspiration of working towards a Totally Good Future for Everyone and as this is a unique expression of every individual it needs everyone to build it together, relying on personal responsibility and on collective trust, while practicing agility in the shift of perspective between self, collective, and system.

The program celebrates our learnings as a fundamental part of incorporating transformation into all our lives. We designed new tools and dynamics and have also adapted existing tools inspired by models other insightful people developed (including Dragon Dreaming, System Thinking, Syntropy, Spiral Dynamics, Design Thinking, among many others), to host a carefully curated, immersive and meaningful learning experience for all.

We resonate with the positioning of our partners Associação Terra Sintrópica: “Regenerate by Doing” and this is non-negotiable! 

We host leadership programs since 2015, initially in partnership with THNK School of Creative Leadership and since 2018 we are rolling out co-leadership programs as REBUNDANCE

In our programs, we hold a safe space for emergence of clarity about purpose, for broadening our understanding about ourselves, for embracing our own (im)perfections, for learning to build interdependent relationships with others, while tapping into the broader system. Next to the RLP, we have curated and hosted 14 Creative Leadership Programs, 3 co-leadership labs, 3 in-organization programs and 3 Food Evolution Programs (one being rolled out), building a community of 300 inspiring people, all of whom have experienced at least one of our programs (read the testimonials). 

We bring the community together in gatherings, where participants share their challenges and gifts, inspire one another, while indulging in belonging and regenerative nourishment to replenish their resources.