Highly motivated professionals who share the purpose to co-create totally positive futures.




Livia curates all the activities Rebundance promotes and is deeply committed to contributing to a totally good future, for every living being.  

For 25 years Livia worked as an architect and real estate developer in Portugal, co-creating the Mediterranean climate region’s sustainable construction flagship buildings, proving that the built environment can substantially contribute to planet regeneration. This work led to various contributions to European sustainability policies and later to founding and directing Lisbon’s Municipal Energy and Environment Agency and to taking an active role in local politics in Lisbon.


Ben co-created Rebundance and is its Managing Director. Creative at heart, he is passionate about giving expression to human possibility, always seeking to explore drivers of transformation, unravel truths through relationships, and opening perspectives that allow development. He leads the “Ground” team at Rebundance, where he can bring these passions to fruition in program design and facilitation.  Ben’s adaptability, analytical skills, business background, and forthrightness are all skills that enhance the creativity and flow of the team.


Isabel coordinates the administrative processes of Rebundance, is dedicated to solving hurdles, taking on challenges one at the time, bridging with partners and reminding the team of necessary action, while eliminating bureaucracy from all creative processes. She keeps calm, even when confronted with chaos and her humbleness dissipates all drama. She ensures functionality while making everyone feel cared for and at home. She is a master of hospitality, and makes logistics run seamlessly. Isabel has been with both Rebudance and Chamar o Futuro since the first day.



Roberta works as a therapist, coach, facilitator and generative scribe. Combining Creativity and Humanity, she listens and works from “the field”, opening space for personal and collective growth in contact with vulnerability. In the desire to create this connection between minds, souls and hearts, she shares the journey of the people she follows to become more authentic and aligned with their true being.


José is core in our REBUNDANCE “Ground” team of the creative leadership programs and also for Orgrams, Labs and dedicated programs. He facilitates powerful personal development processes and invites participants to connect with their purpose, to embrace their fears and redesign their own life path, building a truthful relationship with self. His own transformational project is Despertutor.


Catarina is a freelancer, developing media and journalism projects, and facilitating innovation processes in Rebundance. In the past 10 years she has been developing projects in human rights, sexual rights, and environment in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and China. The common thread is always innovation, either technological – digital, virtual reality or augmented reality-, or theme based disruption. She’s working with MANICÓMIO, an art studio in Lisbon with artists who have or have had experienced mental health issues.



Alex is a social and environmental sustainability consultant with a focus on the food sector and community empowerment. He was previously a London-based financial journalist for the Wall Street Journal after working a stint as a NY-based investment banker at VB&P. His purpose in life is to help people and communities build resilience together. He believes in helping people shift their own mindsets and hearts toward a totally good and abundant future. He’s supported Rebundance and Chamar o Futuro with strategic direction since 2020.


Rita Valadas has a long history of social intervention, currently as President of the Direction of Caritas Portugal since December of 2020. She has had various roles at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, including as Administrative Executive of the Board of Directors in Social Action, Entrepreneurship and Volunteering, currently serving as an advisor. 

With her experience and excellent questioning skills, she also collaborates with various social institutions, including the Portuguese Association of Psychogerontology, the Association of Former Students of the Institute of Odivelas, and our own Chamar o Futuro.


Kaleigh is a sustainability and systems thinking professional with over 10-years of career experience and expertise in architecture, sustainability, design, manufacturing, textile & apparel. She has been based in New York City since 2018, supporting enterprises to execute comprehensive sustainability strategies and fashion programs. She’s currently Business Development Director at Positive Materials. Kaleigh has been involved with Rebundance and Chamar o Futuro since the start, supporting in strategic direction.



With a strong belief that in a world of visual overload, it is no longer justifiable for design to just “look pretty”, Raluca works towards integrating authenticity, emotion, sustainability and social responsibility into all of her designs, while also keeping them intuitive and enjoyable to navigate. Her graphic and web design work, as well as her personal projects around illustration, creative writing and community management can be found in The Vault.


Anita is the author of the illustrations used in the Rebundance Programs. With a background in arts and humanities, she takes great pleasure in collaborating with the team to create the images that express the vision and principles of Rebundance.


We would like to thank very special people, who enrich our lives and believe in us along our exciting learning journey:

Three forces of nature and wise ladies, who unconditionally support us to continue to transform towards our purpose, Maria Helena Tirone, Michaela Hueber and Rita Valadas.

To our friends, all of them, a huge thank you also, for holding our space when we fail fascinatingly and for supporting our learnings and helping us to solve what at first seemed unsolvable.

Also we would like to thank the creative entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, weavers and innovators, who try and fail and relentlessly reiterate their contribution to the planet (often placing their ego second): Ana Moreira, Ana Salcedo Saldanha, Artur Mendes, Bernardo Gaeiras, Catalina and Natalia Zuleta, Charles Michel, Cláudia Sequeira, Constança Belchior, Constança Morais, Edgar Kampers, Gonçalo Folgado, Inês and Madalena Proença, João Almeida, João Henriques, Maaike Perenboom, Marloes Fischer, Miguel Reynolds Brandão, Nick Gerritsen, Nina Gruntkowski, Nina Nedelykov Moreira, Noam

Ilovich, Pedro Campos Costa, Shanah Trevenna, Simon Berkler, Siri Warren, Vítor Vieira, and many more whom we haven’t even met yet and whose work inspires us to transform!

A super thank you to wise and greatly motivated individuals, thought leaders who inspire us in our journey and to whom we owe our learning: Alexandra Coimbra, António Vasconcelos, Bas Verhart, Clive van Heerden, Christian Bason, Christian Opitz, Eiji Han Shimitsu, Eugénio Sequeira, Helena Farrall, Jochen Scheerer, Karim Benammar, Karl Henrik Robèrt, Kenneth Mikkelsen, Klas Tham, Laura Korculanin, Lia Vasconcelos, Marco de Abreu, Mário Alves, Martin Ciesielski, Noam Gressel, Paul van ‘t Veld, Prisca Weems, Sonia Marques, Timothy Beatley, all of whom have had a positive impact in our lives.

A special thank you for recognising our potential contribution and for empowering us to act, to: Bernard Fouconnier, Duarte Cordeiro, Femke Bartels, Fernando Leite, Graça Fonseca, João Falcato, Luís Araújo, Menno van Dijk, Paulo Pisano, Pedro Santana Lopes, Rui Franco, Stefano Marzano, Susanne Scheerer, and more!


Our programs are immersive experiences that open room for the new that needs to emerge and thus for change (personal and professional) – and although each program is different there are common threads.

We feel strongly about hosting community moments once or twice per year to welcome participants to revisit their safe space for redesign of their life path or simply and humbly celebrate and share their learnings.

Keep in touch with the community and upcoming events on our Instagram and LinkedIn pages.