This program brings together transformational leaders from all over, to develop their leadership skills broadly and to connect with a like spirited inspirational community in a 12-day immersive experience, spread over three on campus modules, over 3 months.

The program weaves together three dimensions – personal, professional and planet transformation – and curates a safe space for participants to reconnect with their own purpose, assists their resulting transformational needs and supports the redesign of their life paths, fuelled by their regenerative energy. The prevailing mindset favours inclusion on the basis of value alignment, encourages diversity and complementarity, promotes creative collaboration and co-creation, invites humility and peer to peer learning and celebration. Agendas are transparent and intentions are shared every day – all in the hope to promote broad prosperity in the context of renewable abundance.

The creative leadership programs started in 2015 under the THNK brand and starting in autumn 2020 are transitioning to the REBUNDANCE brand. 

The Creative Leadership Program is a highly curated breeding ground for transformation of participant’s contribution to planet regeneration. While exploring and connecting with real, pressing and inspiring societal challenges, some of the concepts developed during the creative leadership programs take shape with real impact in different parts of the world! One of these projects, fully embedded in Lisbon’s ecosystem, is the Zero Waste Lab.

The Creative Leadership Program is delivered in: English

AUTUMN 2022 – CLASS 14

ON CAMPUS DATES (pandemic allowing)

20th to 23rd of October

17th to 20th of November

8th to 11th of December

In case the dates below fall into any force majeure lockdown measure (like a new pandemic) that makes on campus module delivery impossible, all content of the cancelled module will be delivered online, spread over a month (dates to be agreed with participants).

Should you participate, please do so in full consciousness of the risks associated with the Coronavirus pandemic. We are doing our best to keep safety measures at the highest possible.


The REBUNDANCE Creative Leadership Program runs over 9 months, with in total 12 days on-campus (pandemic permitting), divided over three modules (four-day each). It is an immersive experience, deeply rooted in the greater Lisbon ecosystem, addressing global challenges that are strongly embedded in the local reality (supported by institutional partners). Should one or more of the modules not take place on campus due to reasons beyond our control, the specific program building blocks will be rolled out online. 

Walking the talk of planet regeneration and community resilience, the program supports a holistic mindset shift and sense making in these times of unpredictable and radical change, while learning by doing. We feel deeply grateful to have the possibility to bring this space to this community of creative leaders.


Participants in the creative leadership programs are leaders who have been seasoned through the ups and downs of innovation and business. They work with our faculty as peers, co-creating the program and helping each other on their individual pursuits. 

Whether they are restless seekers, creative leaders, rebels with a cause, wise healers, system magicians or resource hackers, they know the world can be so much better than it currently is!,  This program kick-starts a lifelong journey of creative leadership and results in a global creative community, engaged in articulating the relevant questions and in finding solutions for true societal needs in the context of building a “totally good future” for all.

Although professional and personal backgrounds are highly diverse, each class grows its own unique, common identity and raises the level of commitment to the necessary transformation.


Speaking with participants, whether immediately or a year or two or more after they have completed the program, we are grateful to hear the following appreciation:

  • it is a privilege to reset their purpose, reframe their life and redesign their vision in the context of our creative leadership programs
  • we provide participants with a set of actionable frames, tools, and common language to set-up a structured process for innovation and impact
  • we hold an inspiring collaborative space for creative leaders to realign with their purpose via curiosity, to connect with the system via compassion, to engage with action via courage
  • we hold a safe space for the new to emerge
  • we enable them to learn from social entrepreneurs about meaning and relevance, from corporate intrapreneurs to explore the power of reach, from commercial entrepreneurs about how to be nimble and agile in seizing development opportunities, from government officials to bridge between innovation and regulation and from environmental entrepreneurs how to humbly learn from Nature


Creative Leadership programs are run by our team since 2015 in Lisbon. The following are just a small selection of the 100+ participants who have experienced the program:


Training is a part of Oceanário’s DNA and we invest a lot in it – from our experience there are courses that give you technical skills, there are courses that try to deliver leadership skills – most of them do not have a long lasting impact. THNK achieves something we have never seen before – it changes people for good.


Everything about the program – facilitators, places, exercises and, of course, the fabulous organic food we were offered every day – was amazingly prepared, creating a very comfortable environment for learning, for insights about self and, of course, for moments of laughter and celebration.

A special thanks to the local team responsible for creating this amazing experience.


“Being part of THNK Lisbon class 6 was one of the most amazing Learning experiences I’ve had in my life.  It connected me with unknown potentials and allowed me to create with others in a challenging way.  Many mindsets were rethought, and new life projects emerged.”


I have been through tools and leadership programmes many times in my working life. For me, THNK is the out-of-the-box, holistic, earth-shaking experience. Every educational system should have THNK methods.

I am very grateful for the challenging and conscious new path THNK has opened for me.


At the very core of my life and professional purpose is to create environments to raise awareness. Through the THNK program I found not only tools, methodologies, and insights to enhance those ultimate goals, I also discovered a local and international community of change makers. I’m extremely grateful for THNK Lisbon’s tailor-made approach to our Portuguese context and also how it is reverberating daily on my class mates and beyond.


“THNK Lisbon creative leadership program was a deeply transformative experience, both personally and professionally. I had always heard about what it takes to be a leader, but until you go through the program you won’t really know and feel what it means, it will stick and get below your skin. The community is the soul of the journey and the transformation is real because it is shared”


Participating in the Lisbon program exceeded all my personal expectations. The learning experience based on unconventional methods helped me to achieve results for my professional and personal development.


“THNK School of Creative Leadership in Lisbon was an extraordinary experience on many levels. A joyful immersion into experiential learning. A diverse group of strangers soon became family. Doors with new perspectives and tools opened, with the caring guidance of facilitators. We immersed ourselves into pristine nature. Ideas emerged and evolved. We studied human and natural systems, and learned about the magic of syntropy. And the delicious vital food alone was worth signing up for.”


It was a beautiful and meaningful experience for me.

Beautiful. I met good people who want to change their world and the way they see the World. A fantastic team, with joy, dedication and professionalism. I was spoiled. The food was excellent. The spaces, striking. I had the possibility to learn about myself, to grow.

Significant. Good, practical content designed to trigger action. Good toolbox. Non-formal learning based on personal experience and supported by the group. Learning by doing, using mind and heart.


The REBUNDANCE Creative Leadership Program builds on decades of leadership experience in the field of sustainability and urban resilience and it was originally designed by THNK in Amsterdam to kick off in 2012, bringing together the best from business and design thinking. The brand started rolling out creative leadership programs in Lisbon from 2015. Over the years the creative leadership program has shifted to embrace system thinking and holistic presencing.


In times of change and external threats, our adaptation can mean working inside out.

Our umbrella challenge topic is “Renewable Prosperity”: a world where everyone has a life with dignity, resources are renewable and our interactions with all living beings add value and contribute to planet regeneration and community resilience.

To set the context for participants to work in teams on a meaningful societal challenge, we have articulated the following starting point with the Tourism Board of Portugal for 2020:

“How may we contribute to a future where how we choose to spend our time fosters renewable prosperity and planet regeneration?”


Food is one of the core building blocks of the Creative Leadership program. While most of our activities invite us to the fringe or even outside our comfort zone, how we nourish ourselves during on campus modules provides deep and pleasurable comfort. All food during on campus modules is designed according to the Food Manifesto, to build immunity in tune with the times we are living in (Coronavirus) and to raise our consciousness regarding how our food choices impact on planet regeneration and community resilience.


Rolling out programs in times where a pandemic threat is alive, we decided to settle in a location that gives us the possibility of working as much as possible outdoors and with as little as possible physical contact with the general public. 

The three on campus modules of Class 1(0) will mainly take place in Quinta das Sequóias in the Sintra forest – a location that only has one flaw: you cannot but surrender to its beauty of the context and therefore it can be a challenge to stay focused on our contents.

We do spend the first day of each module in other inspiring locations to help us transition out of our comfort zone and into the curated discomfort of the program.


Our current design, facilitation, logistics and food team:

Alice Medeiros
Ana Salcedo Saldanha
Ani Anka
Benjamin Tirone Nunes
Bernardo Gaeiras
Catarina Gomes
Gonçalo Folgado
João Almeida
Joaquim Espada
José Donado
José Soutelinho
Livia Tirone
Raluca Rotaru
Roberta Treno
Sascha Vriend

Cristina David
Gonçalo Palha Martins
Isabel Palha
Nuno Queiroz Ribeiro
Miguel Hoeven

To find out more about them, please select your language below.


To Lisbon THNKers
We thank you all for trusting us to lead you on this learning journey and for embracing the class, faculty and team as well as the full experience with its contents. We honour all the wonderful moments we spent together and your Challenge concepts!

To THNK global brand We are deeply grateful for entrusting the use of the THNK brand to us between 2015 and 2020, allowing us to build our own interpretation of all the purposeful intentions so we could build resilience while rolling out creative leadership programs.

To Oceanário de Lisboa
We are humbled and grateful for this wonderful organization’s generosity in hosting all THNK Lisbon cohorts, and for adding stability, purpose and magic to our leadership journey. 

To Turismo de Portugal
We are empowered by your recognition of our contribution to society and to our ability to stimulate creativity in teams.

To Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
We are touched and grateful for the vision and support of Graça Fonseca and Duarte Cordeiro in the kick off of THNK Lisbon.

Municipality of Lisbon
Challenge topic partner

Tourism Board of Portugal
Challenge topic partnership

Location partner

Oceanário de Lisboa
Location partner

Parques de Sintra-Monte da Lua
Location partner

Quinta das Sequóias
Location partner

Sociedade Filarmónica Democrática Timbre Seixalense
Location partner

Supplier of organic foods

Crumb Miolo
Supplier of low gluten (wheat free) bread

Quiosque da Natureza
Supplier of organic foods

Susana Carvalho
Supplier of Paleo Bread

Val das Dúvidas
Supplier of Ancestral Agricultural Practices foods