We can make our intentions count! 
If every step we take contributes to planet regeneration and communities’ resilience our future will be written in seeds, not in stone, and we will be making the most with what we have been handed by our ancestors, here and now:

MOSAIC salon is an open, regular and informal gathering and celebration space for transformation where restless seekers, creative leaders, beautiful rebels, wise healers, system magicians and resource hackers come together to humbly address core topics and build a “totally good future” for all.

Our context is bursting with possibility.

MOSAIC salon addresses the following Themes:

  • The future of Time is abundant – living fully in purpose
  • The future of Resources is renewable – inviting us to master radical distribution
  • The future of Transactions is abundant – generating radical value embedding 
  • The future of Dignity is whole – leading to radical inclusion and interrelation

We will address the core themes in the following mindsets: dreaming, planning, doing and celebrating (in Dragon Dreaming language).


  • Coming together in plenary (online or, Covid permitting, in a beautiful space) and check in with the group in a “tour de circle”
  • One of us will tell a short backcasting story, set in 2050, to invite the mindset of a totally positive future and introduce the theme for the gathering and briefly distinguish the breakout rooms
  • Participants select a nurturing and meaningful breakout session to participate in (for 45 minutes) and join it – the offer will include personal and professional mastery as well as sharing “asks” to the community
  • We reconnect in plenary for debriefing and sharing and checking out for those who leave at this point
  • Participants join smaller celebration and conversation rooms (further discussions around the topic and dancing to wonderful music…)


16th of June
18:00 – 20:30

18th of
18:00 – 20:30

24th of November
18:00 – 20:30

Communication will be inclusive in these gatherings – so we will be speaking English and Portuguese.

In an abundant system you can have your cake and eat it!

Whether we are having an online gathering or one in a physical space, there is always access to healing drinks and food for those who would like to order from our network of creators in the space of the “Food Manifesto”.

MOSAIC salon gatherings take root in the 18th century salons of France where individuals from a mix of different backgrounds and opinions were invited to discuss literature, art and life insights and share their views and opinions about current affairs and society’s future. They became an important source for revolutionary sentiment. We want to continue that tradition of social, cultural, political, and economic transformation through dialogue and add to the milieu personal, professional and planetary transformation as well.



Alan is an internationally recognized risk management thought-leader and impact investor. His mission is to protect life and regenerate Earth’s ecosystems by growing an Earth Positive economy that includes nature in global accounting systems.Alan is a co-founder of EarthPulse, a super brain (and heart) to empower protectors of Mother Earth with exponential technologies. Previously, Alan pioneered blockchain-based forestry and carbon backed tokens at Swiss based Lykke AG.


Alex is a consultant in social and environmental sustainability with a focus on the food sector and community empowerment. He was previously a London-based financial journalist for the Wall Street Journal and NY-based investment banker at VB&P. His purpose in life is to help people and communities build resilience together and he acts in full generosity and with care.


Ana is a projector, weaver, facilitator and multi-disciplinary creative entrepreneur seeking to raise awareness and transform knowledge into actionable solutions, building bridges at the intersection of tech, social and regenerative transformation. After working for many years as a Trends Designer for major businesses, she acted on health through fashion co-founding ManifestoModa and in 2016 she embraced zero-waste and co-founded the ZeroWasteLab, an NGO that is deeply activating collaboration and circularity of materials.


Livia curates the REBUNDANCE creative leadership programs and MOSAIC Salon Gatherings and is deeply committed to contributing to a totally good future, where every living being is able to live a life with dignity.  

For 25 years Livia exerced as an architect and real estate developer in Portugal, co-creating the mediterranean climate region’s sustainable construction flagship buildings, proving that the built environment can substantially contribute to planet regeneration. This work led to various contributions to European sustainability policies and later to founding and directing Lisbon’s Municipal Energy and Environment Agency and to taking an active role in local politics in Lisbon.


Rita works in social intervention for over 35 years. Now president of CARITAS Portuguesa, the intervention arm of the Catholic Church, she has been on the board of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (largest Portuguese charity) for 5 years and on the staff of the Minister Social Security for 4 years.

She is intrinsically motivated to embrace deep rooted and complex social challenges, always reaching well beyond perceived boundaries to find solutions, investing in fertile ground for cross societal synergy and innovation.