CRAFTS are tools designed by REBUNDANCE, that serve our open community of transformational leaders. The first CRAFTS tool is the deck of “REBUNDANCE Value Cards”. These are meant to be a trigger to motivate meaningful conversations between sector Stakeholders and to build trust and promote collaboration towards a completely positive future. The second is the Totally Good Future is Written in Seeds Pouch, which you can hold close to your heart, as an inspiring metaphor for life, or plant the seeds and curate the ground they grow in, to contribute directly to the totally good future we desire!

Our future vision for the Mediterranean climate region is that all living beings may have access to a life with dignity and leisure, relying predominantly on renewable resources (from solar energy to mutual support) and positive interdependence, resulting in prosperity for all.

REBUNDANCE Value Cards are the first tool of the CRAFTS REBUNDANCE wishes to build. Common values are at the root of meaningful and collaborative relationships. Recognizing we share the same or similar values allows us to act with trust and it therefore becomes an important driver in our Stakeholder engagement offer.

Collaboration is key to build societal resilience and it is only possible when people trust one another and trust is activated when we recognize we share common values.  

REBUNDANCE builds on the belief that we need meaning in our lives and that it is in the relationship with ourselves and with other people that we uncover meaning. Curiosity, Compassion and Courage are renewable mindsets fueled by our need for meaning.

CURIOSITY (≠ apathy) is a renewable and powerful resource!
Curiosity is fuelled by our need to discover purpose/meaning. We are curious about everything we fathom could lead us closer to understanding our purpose while uncovering the values that move us – the WHY?

COMPASSION (≠ coldness/indifference) is a renewable and powerful resource!
Compassion is the bridge between the past our ancestors left us and the future we envision. We are compassionate about building on the pursuits of our ancestors and their values – the HOW?

COURAGE (≠cowardice/fear) is a renewable and powerful resource!
Courage leads to action. Courage is also the ability to take action, in spite of our conscious selves, relying on what our intuition demands. Courage builds on our deepest values  – the WHAT?

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