16TH OF SEPTEMBER (18:00 – 20:30) – ONLINE

MOSAIC salon invites you to join its second online gathering!

In order to build a “totally good future” for all, we will be holding space for relevant topics that need transformation.

This MOSAIC salon online gathering will address:

The future of Time is abundant – living fully in purpose.

In this Gathering, we invite all to address how we will be spending our time in the totally good future we envision. Specifically we will embrace the challenge employment poses and how our contribution to the system may come from our talent, passion and flow.

We will also continue to facilitate the onboarding of the digital currency JoinSeeds as a way to build resilience and to contribute to value generation with every act, whether personal, professional or societal!

We will always bring you a taste of 2050 and have invited wonderful people to facilitate the breakout rooms (personal and professional mastery as well as sharing “asks” to the community) and as celebration is always in order, we will also have music and a dance room as well as chat rooms where you can mingle with participants.

  • OYSTER room will introduce inspirational projects with their asks
  • WISDOM room will hold space for discussion on the topic at strategy level
  • DREAM room will invite us to see possibility beyond our own perspective and activate the energy the topic holds
  • LIFE room will invite us to connect with our intuition and celebrate learning.

The fee for each session is donation based. If you would like to contribute, please check the box on the registration form.

Help us to send you the session link by registering with the form on the right.

Thank you for joining us!

Gathering 5



Alan is an internationally recognized risk management thought-leader and impact investor. His mission is to protect life and regenerate Earth’s ecosystems by growing an Earth Positive economy that includes nature in global accounting systems.

Alan is a co-founder of EarthPulse, a super brain (and heart) to empower protectors of Mother Earth with exponential technologies. Previously, Alan pioneered blockchain-based forestry and carbon backed tokens at Swiss based Lykke AG.


Hanae leads the work at the pan-African organization Smart Africa on Startups and Innovation Ecosystems to create favorable conditions to leverage the startup momentum in Africa.

Hanae is also founder of Douar Tech, an inclusive tech hub that contributes to raise the resilience of vulnerable youth, especially rural women in Morocco and other countries in Africa. Her areas of interest and expertise are at the intersection of technology, inclusion, entrepreneurship and international development.


Independent Consultant and Entrepreneur

Independent Consultant in Technology for several organizations mainly in Digital Education and Telecommunications. Founder of IAMPLIFICATION, a digital education services startup, and promoter of several research projects and design of new models of digital training and Ed-Tech. Recently he was an advisor at NOVA SBE for digital education, member of the board of DSPA (Data Science Portuguese Association), responsible for the development of APDC’s Digital Academy and for the design of training programs at Singularity University Portugal.

Previously, he was responsible for the Global Alliances of WeDo Consulting, and Board Member of Portugal Telecom, namely CEO of PT PRO, PT Information Systems and PT Cloud and Data Centers. Earlier he was a consultant at PwC and Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture).



Musician, Artist, Astrologer, Intentional Community holder Nuno Param dedicated a great part of his life, studying and experimenting what is known to be one of the most powerful synchronicity amplifiers available nowadays: The Maya calendar.

His visionary perspective of the Mayan Calendar uniting ancient and contemporary views, takes part on the latest chapter of the Mayan Cosmic History, in empowering herself with the best of all traditions. He released in 2013 a 13 Moon Calendar which unites the two forces (ancient count and dreamspell count) and since then he has been teaching a bit everywhere.