11TH OF NOVEMBER (18:00 – 20:30) – ONLINE

MOSAIC salon invites you to join its fourth online gathering!

In order to build a “totally good future” for all, we will be holding space for relevant topics that need transformation.

This MOSAIC salon online gathering will address:

The future of Resources is renewable – living in full distribution.

In this Gathering, we invite all to address how we will relate to our resources in the totally good future we envision. Specifically we will embrace “alive water” and how we may contribute to shifting the system to promote abundant, local, accessible, urban (and beyond), high quality water cycles.

We will also continue to facilitate the onboarding of the digital currency JoinSeeds as a way to build resilience and to contribute to value generation with every act, whether personal, professional or societal!

We will always bring you a taste of 2050 and have invited wonderful people to facilitate the breakout rooms (personal and professional mastery as well as sharing “asks” to the community) and as celebration is always in order, we will also have music and a dance room as well as chat rooms where you can mingle with participants.

  • OYSTER room will introduce inspirational projects with their asks
  • WISDOM room will hold space for discussion on the topic at strategy level
  • DREAM room will invite us to see possibility beyond our own perspective and activate the energy the topic holds
  • LIFE room will invite us to connect with our intuition and celebrate learning.

The fee for each session is donation based. If you would like to contribute, please check the box on the registration form.

Help us to send you the session link by registering with the form on the right.

Thank you for joining us!

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Laura is a pioneer design anthropologist, water toilet advocate, and founder of Give a Shit project – a multidisciplinary action group focusing on sustainable urban water management and sanitation in cities. She is specialized in human-centered design, working with varied sectors, and always aiming for integrated life-centered regenerative solutions. Her transdisciplinary thinking and multilayered engaged actions are constantly being supported with her dance practice, cat magic, and ocean views.


Expert in waste water treatment with more than 15 years of field experience in designing, installing and operating treatment systems.

Specialized in decentralized on –site solutions for waste water treatment using synergies of biological and technological systems to treat and recycle water.

International consultant for water management and water recycling.


Being a disruptor in the quantum biology space.

Nikolaj is a science adventurer, water bridger and quantum biologist. He is currently a senior researcher at the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Bioengineering.

Nikolaj’s main curiosity revolves around understanding life – in particular in relationship to electromagnetic fields, DNA and new properties of water. He is currently establishing a research group around this emerging – and controversial – field, by some called quantum biology or bioresonance. Understanding and exploring a new, quantum coherent phase of water, similar to laser light and graphene, is a cornerstone in this endeavor.

See more at


Eileen is a creative director, artist, healer and explorer based in London. She is the Co-director of Tayos, a multidisciplinary and multicultural collective of artists and scientists looking to reconnect people to nature through art, music & immersive experiences with the aim to also help protect the endangered wild habitats of her home country of Ecuador.  

In her paintings and drawings she enjoys illustrating the liminal and fluid spaces between our inner consciousness and our outer environments with a special focus on our connection to nature, poetry and dreamscapes. As a healer and meditation teacher she has worked with individuals, groups and companies worldwide combining creativity and contemplation/wisdom practices for wellbeing and health for a number of years. |


Sini Kunnas is a 51- year old psychic, artist and changes coach on emotional security situations. Her goals in work are sharing globally angles in how to open the human core for an inspiring and full life. Art, ideas and the new change come all from the same source in her way to see creativity. Nature, ideas, the trusted factors and super communicators are the anchors in her life along silent moments up Lapland. Sini is joyful to be connected in this mutual goal to aid the oceans and waters to stay strong and she believes water is one of the most important spiritual communicator the human awareness can contact on Earth. More info at