14TH OF OCTOBER (18:00 – 20:30) – ONLINE

MOSAIC salon invites you to join its third online gathering!

In order to build a “totally good future” for all, we will be holding space for relevant topics that need transformation.

This MOSAIC salon online gathering will address:

The future of Dignity is abundant – living in full interdependency.

In this Gathering, we invite all to address how we will relate to one another in the totally good future we envision. Specifically we will embrace the challenge “union” poses and how we may contribute to shifting the system to promote prosperity and resilience in communities.

We will also continue to facilitate the onboarding of the digital currency JoinSeeds as a way to build resilience and to contribute to value generation with every act, whether personal, professional or societal!

We will always bring you a taste of 2050 and have invited wonderful people to facilitate the breakout rooms (personal and professional mastery as well as sharing “asks” to the community) and as celebration is always in order, we will also have music and a dance room as well as chat rooms where you can mingle with participants.

  • OYSTER room will introduce inspirational projects with their asks
  • WISDOM room will hold space for discussion on the topic at strategy level
  • DREAM room will invite us to see possibility beyond our own perspective and activate the energy the topic holds
  • LIFE room will invite us to connect with our intuition and celebrate learning.

The fee for each session is donation based. If you would like to contribute, please check the box on the registration form.

Help us to send you the session link by registering with the form on the right.

Thank you for joining us!

Gathering 5



Clive van Heerden is a Director of vHM Design Futures, a London based consultancy specialising in future lifestyle and technology scenarios. He is best known for his work at Philips as Senior Director of the Design Probe programme where he developed new trans-disciplinary research methods and evolved new product development processes and at Electrolux, where he established a Visioning and Probing Group. He is also currently a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College in London and is a visiting Professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.


Mário is a specialist in Micro networks and Success Factors in Temporary Interorganizational networks. He has professional experience in the areas of equipment management and social responses, social intervention and community partnerships for health promotion, and longevity.

He has played several coordination roles and teaches in the areas of health sociology, Social Determinants of Health, education and health promotion

He now coordinates the Mission “Lisbon City of all ages” in Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) , where he previously represented the “Support  Platform for refugees (PAR)”.


Sociologist, director-general of Rede DLBC, Lisbon-based Community Development Association, represents this organization in the Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Group of the Strategy for the Integration of Homeless People. For 16 years she represented European Anti Poverty Network in Lisbon In various government and non-government working groups and platforms.


Catarina Neves is a PhD student in political philosophy at University of Minho, with a thesis on Unconditional Basic Income, employment and reciprocity. She is also a researcher at Centre for Ethics, Politics and Society in the same University. She is also a teaching assistant at Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, in the course of corporate social responsibility and global businesses challenges. 

Catarina has a Msc in Management, with a major in social enterprise from NOVA SBE and a Bsc. In Political Science from NOVA/FCSH.