The second CIRCLE “Water Square” takes on the future of the Tagus river estuary to become Lisbon’s main public square, connecting all shores. This breathtaking estuary is deserted, due to lack of clarity in its ownership. REBUNDANCE facilitates this Circle and we hope to support the co-design of a vision that will make it possible to return life to the estuary and to allow this tremendous natural resource to contribute to the prosperity of the people living on all shores.

Addressing the future of this estuary, in open dialogue with all Stakeholders is in itself a privilege. The Circle hopes to raise awareness to sustainability and invite action, to return life into this immense and unique resource, that defines so much of Lisbon’s character (generosity of light and vastness of space to dream, elegance of the shore line…).

An important part of Lisbon’s population occupies this vast territory around the river estuary.

At the time of the 1755 Earthquake, there were more than two thousand boats and ships had a licence to navigate this estuary. Since those times the scenario has changed drastically.

The shores are so diverse in nature composition, topography and population. Some urban and rural areas have been forgotten and disconnected and suffer from exclusion from the life remaining in this estuary. In some other areas there are unique traditional crafts in activity and in others there are new practices in emergence.  It therefore becomes imperative to revive the connectivity that will allow populations to feel included and to come closer to each other.

One of the objectives of holding the space for this challenge is to allow strategic thinking about the future of the Tagus river estuary to emerge in collaboration with a broad group of Stakeholders. These thoughts we hope may be a contribution for the strategic planning that will define this estuary’s future.