The Creative Leadership program brings together transformational leaders from all over, to develop their leadership skills broadly and to connect with a like spirited inspirational community in a 12-day immersive experience, spread over three on campus modules, over three months.

The program weaves together three dimensions – personal, professional and planet transformation – and curates a safe space for participants to reconnect with their own purpose, assists their resulting transformational needs and supports the redesign of their life paths, fuelled by their regenerative energy. The prevailing mindset favours inclusion on the basis of value alignment, encourages diversity and complementarity, promotes creative collaboration and co-creation, invites humility and peer to peer learning and celebration. Agendas are transparent and intentions are shared every day – all in the hope to promote broad prosperity in the context of renewable abundance.

The Creative Leadership Program is a highly curated breeding ground for transformation of participant’s contribution to planet regeneration. While exploring and connecting with real, pressing and inspiring societal challenges, some of the concepts developed during the creative leadership programs take shape with real impact in different parts of the world!

Two participants were supported by BIPZIP to enter Class 11 in the spring of 2021:

  • Filipa Bolotinha: Core team of Renovar a Mouraria Association since the onset. Member of the board of Rede DLBC.
  • Mariana Duarte Silva: co-founder of Village Underground


15th until 18th of April 2021

20th until 23rd of May 2021

17th until 20th of June 2021