The Co-Leadership Lab is an immersive on campus program (a total of 6 days spread over 3 months) that provides a safe space for up to 30 participants joining from very different social, economic and cultural contexts (plus locals and stakeholders) to come together and venture into personal, collaborative and systemic transformation. With the main focus on co-leadership, The program weaves together three dimensions – personal, professional and planet transformation – and curates a safe space for participants to reconnect with their own purpose, assists their resulting transformational needs and supports the redesign of their life paths, fuelled by their regenerative energy. The prevailing mindset favours inclusion on the

basis of value alignment, encourages diversity and complementarity, promotes creative collaboration and co-creation, invites humility and peer to peer learning and celebration. Participants in this program are not required to pay a fee.

The program ran between May and July of 2021 and all pandemic safety measures were in place – more than 70% of the time participants spent outdoors. The program started with 24 participants from very different professional and personal backgrounds and 18 of whom completed the program hugely empowered by this experience.

This program is immersive and on campus and takes place during 6 days, designed by REBUNDANCE and is facilitated by an inspirational team. The on-campus moments took place on the following dates and locations:


  • 5th of May – crossing of Lisbon’s Aqueduct, Monsanto, Campolide Agroforest and three Reality Dive locations in Lisbon
  • 6th of May – Centro de Recursos of Rede DLBC in Bairro Padre Cruz


  • 23rd of June – Salinas do Samouco
  • 24th of June – Centro de Recursos of Rede DLBC in Bairro Padre Cruz


  • 21st of July – Innovation centre of Mouraria, Cozinha Popular da Mouraria
  • 22nd of July – Centro de Recursos of Rede DLBC in Bairro Padre Cruz

The on-campus days start at 9am and finish around 19h, and participants are offered healthy and immunity building meals.



Participating in the
Co-Leadership Lab was a hugely enriching learning experience, both personally and professionally to work with and for communities. This experience also introduced me to others and their initiatives focused on building a positive future for our society.


The Co-Leadership Lab brought the following changes in me: I became more confident, I improved my capacity to work in a team – engaging empathy and detachment – I learned to observe and become more conscious of my inner processes – whether sabotaging or enhancing my will to collaborate. The wish to stay connected emerged and my heart is filled. The exercise that most touched me was the Water trail and Monsanto. A ‘wow’ moment that validated and surprised me.


Intriguing, Challenging and inspiring. This describes my journey in the Co-Leadership Lab, where I found a perfect balance between personal and collective development and the content and exercises offered to me, transported me to a dimension closer to myself and enhanced my capacity to make a difference in my community.


“If I had to select one word to define the experience of the Co-Leadership Lab I would find it impossible. It was a journey where I felt myself growing, connecting with myself, with the others and with nature – it was a transformational journey on my quest for meaning. On the last day we were invited to select three words to describe the experience. Mine were: Dare, Dream and Connect. Thank you for this possibility.”


“Participating in the Co-Leadership Lab did more than expand my collaborative vision and mission, this immersive program empowered me with tools and shared experiences, which I could already implement in the projects I am working on. In this journey I was confronted with the sense of dignity and respect for others, for the planet and for myself, opening new doors in my path – a larger life path.”


“Participating in the Co-Leadership Lab revealed a unique opportunity to share a path with others, experience new tools, and all the learning by doing was applied to a specific territory. A journey of co-creation and co-laboration that allowed us to find concrete applications that may have real impact in these communities – as we planted seeds we were able to observe how some began to bud.”


“I am still in my wondering adventures, searching for what it is I want to do, where to live and what it is that makes me happy. In this program I had a mix of emotions and thoughts and it helped me to undergo processes I would never have undergone on my own – gratitude for all in the group.”


“Expansion is the word that surfaces when I think of the journey of the Co-Leadership Lab! This path allowed me to feel a scope of emotions in a warm environment, just sufficiently uncomfortable to make room for growth! I felt curiosity, fear, anger, enthusiasm, boredom, discomfort and a lot of inspiration and alignment with my life purpose! I met marvellous people who inspired and challenged me! Very grateful to all for this possibility. I want to return!!”


FACILITATORS: Ben Tirone Nunes, Catarina Gomes, Francisco Rocca, João Almeida, Joaquim Espada, José Soutelinho, Livia Tirone, Roberta Treno and many others.

HOSPITALITY: Isabel Palha, Cristina David (chef macrobiotic food), Nuno Queiroz Ribeiro (chef vegetarian).

PHOTOGRAPHY: Gonçalo Palha Martins

Among many others we are thankful to our guests in open moments: Alex MacDonald, Rita Valadas, Paula Marques (Councillor).