The Emergent Project was an intention we had from the onset: that of capturing the positive energy generated in the Circle sessions to transform it into something useful for the people of this territory.

On the 26th of August we celebrated with the last Circle session of the project Chamar o Futuro em Campolide and erected the first pilot of the emerging project “Outdoor Comfort”. Still in the making is the second Emergent Project “Podcast Episodes Monsanto”.


Another such emergent need that arose in the (above mentioned) circles is comfort in outdoor public or community spaces, so that residents can mingle, meet and perform leisure or even work activities, thus expand the space they regularly benefit from. This is how this Abundance Prototype emerged:

BOOM Festival gifted REBUNDANCE some shading fabric from the 2018 “Sacred Geometry” Festival edition, as well as the know how to set these up. We are hoping to find the remaining resources locally and, in our community. Collectively we will identify how to source the wooden poles to hang the fabric, as well as who will curate (set up take down and store) the fabrics, and who will decide when they are to be used (possibly the local residents associations). REBUNDANCE will hold space while the process and project are in definition. 

The first pilot was erected in the Campolide Agroforest, in the neighbourhood Bela Flor. In this case the Outdoor Comfort shading kit will probably be curated by the borough of Campolide. Locals will always have a say in the location of the Outdoor Comfort shades. The celebration on the 26th of August in the Campolide Agroforest included erecting the Outdoor Comfort shade pilot and everyone participated in the process. Lunch and tea were served to all present.


Listening to Monsanto People – the voice of people living in and around Monsanto is largely missed. With a focus on people who live in the fringes of Monsanto mountain (less on the territory itself) we decided to record informal conversations to give space for their memories to be shared. These first conversations will be shared until the end of 2021.