welcome to rebundance



REBUNDANCE (a Bluecity brand) has the mission to host a safe space for leaders to co-create a totally positive future.

REBUNDANCE believes that, in the future, every living being will have a life with dignity and leisure, relying mainly on renewable resources (solar, wind,

rain and good-will, curiosity, compassion, courage…), while living in prosperous, regenerative communities operating systemically and in positive interdependence with other communities.

We need to co-design and build this future.


A system thinking approach to the Societal Creative System, built on the familiar metaphor of the forest


we share a vision

We believe abundance is the principle that defines our system boundaries.  Humanity needs to evolve to a new level of consciousness, embracing its role of curator of the Planet’s precious finite resources.

whom we serve

We serve an open community of creative and transformative leaders. We share their values and support their determination to establish life with dignity and planetary resilience.